Huawei rivalling Samsung with Foldable Smartphone Mate X

Huawei unveils its first foldable phone Huawei Mate X. Which comes with premium specifications, unfold out become a tablet, provides additional screen realization. The phone, undoubtedly, launched against the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which was launched recently, which has a different design than  Mate X, although it also unfolds to reveal a larger screen. Huawei has been rivalling against Samsung quite often recently with affordable smartphones for the same specifications.
Fold Design (Huawei Mate X vs Galaxy Fold) The two phones have different in design but they want to catch the same premium group customers. The unfolded design is approximately the same. Without any display notch system, unfolded Mate X gives 8 inch OLED full view display which is comprised of two full view display panels with sizes 6.6 inches and 6.38 inches. For photos, videos and infographics the Huawei Mat X has two-in-one front and rear triple cameras set.
Galaxy Fold in compare with Mate X has two screens at front a…

PUBG Promises to Improve Game as Fears to be Ban in INDIA

PUBG Corporation is a sister company of South Korean videogame giant Bluehole. It was firstly launched on web platform in the late 2017 and reached App version in March’18. Currently, it has approx. 30 million user bases globally. PUBG Mobile India Series was recently held and have a cash prize of 1 Crore Indian Rupees. There are competition and championship being held in schools, college and even at the national level. The winner of these types of competitions caches good prizes and recently hundreds of people streaming on YouTube online and earning money. In recent days things have not been easy for Player’s Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) in India. There have been a lot of allegations filed for affecting players because of the addictive nature of the game layer. Backlashes’! In recent months, PUBG is criticized by Indian parents, government, schools, and colleges as the crime are occurring day by day all over the country. Reports say that it is the continuous reason for suicide, poor re…

Apple Honeymoon is Over in India OR the Divorce Rate is Just Going On?

Since mid-2018, Samsung, Xiomi, Vivo and another Apple rival Vivo are stomping the apple in India, now it ranks 11 in world’s fastest growing smartphone market of the world. After the growth forecast for the upcoming quarter, of the America’s trillion $ company its share dipped approx. 5% of its value. Customer seizes Apple growth in INDIA! The numbers of Apple smartphones shipped to India are fallen to 40% and Apple’s market share is going to 1% from 2% of the previous year share. In 2018 company reached the $1.85 billion in Indian market. This is less than half of their executives’ expectation and capability of delivery. Now iPhone is lagging from the competition and it no longer standing out as it did once. Chinese smartphone are covering the market from lower premium to higher one. Lower premium phones are now available for a fraction of iPhone price. They provide good customer support and are easy to use. Apple Keeps Losing the World’s Fastest-Growing Smartphone Market! Apple is repea…

Growth of Retail Sector & Demand of Retail Analyst Professional

After the independence from the British rule, India had prevented innovation and organised competition in its consumer retail market to protect its small scale industries. Several studies claim that the lack of infrastructure and competitive retail industry was the key cause of India's persistently high inflation but after the 2011, retail reforms (Approval of FDI) in India there is a gradual growth in retail sector and a number of supermarket chain opening their outlets.

                                                          Fig: Suparmarket Store
A lot of investors are pouring their money in the fastest growing market of the world, there are a lot of expected growths in the retail sector as the 75% household items now are sold by family business owner and they have the full control on it. It shows there is a future in retail market.
The growing business means growing large data, to handle this complex data set there is a need of high number of qualified professional who have the…

Data Analysis and Scope of Data Analytics In INDIA

Data is distinct pieces of information, facts and statistics collected together from raw for reference or analysis. In today’s world, data rules us all. Our shopping habits, travel plans, entertainment experiences, education etc. all run through the internet. And all these internet activities generate enormous amounts of data.

                                                            Fig: Data Analyst
Data Analysis                                               
In this era the world has developed so much that people have moved from being superstitious to being logical. Unlike before, people now correlate events and occurrences rationally to ascertain the cause of problems and proffer possible solutions. Therefore, data analysis refers to a method in which data is collected and organized in such a manner that meaningful and helpful information can be derived from it. In other words, the main reason behind data analysis is to examine the information embedded in any data. This requir…